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School Rules

Code of Conduct

  •  All the students must attend the general assembly in the morning. Students should be present in the school before the 1st bell rings. Students arriving frequently late will be sent home.
  •  75% attendance is compulsory for promotion to the next higher class. If any student is absent for 7 consecutive days without any information to the school, his/her name will be removed from the rolls of the school.
  •  The School hours begin at 8:00 A.M and closes by 2:40 P.M
  •  No child can leave the school premises during the school hours without taking any permission from the principal or Teacher in-charge and without a gate-pass.
  •  Students who spoil or damage any school furniture, write or draw on the walls will be charged.
  •  Students are not allowed to bully or threaten other students, staff or teachers.
  •  Students aren’t allowed to wear or carry gold ornaments like chains, rings, bangles, anklets, etc. School management is not responsible in case of loss/theft of any expensive item.
  •  Students are prohibited from bringing a camera, Walkman, mobile phones, electronic gadgets, magazines, tattoos, pictures, sharp instruments, blades, etc. inside the school premises.
  •  Indiscipline, Misconduct, and misbehavior in school transport will not be tolerated.
  •  Students should speak softly and politely and communicate in English only.
  •  Students should come to school in school uniform even on their birthday and are not allowed to give expensive return gifts to their classmates.
  •  Parents or the Guardians must attend the PTM (Parent-Teacher Meeting) regularly. Tentative dates for PTM are given in the year planner.
  •  Parents are welcomed to meet the Principal, Vice Principal or the block In-charge regarding any queries, problem or suggestions on respective appointments.
  •  The School programs are given extreme importance in CBSE. The parents are requested to make your ward to participate in school programs like Sports day, Annual Day, and Foundations Day which develops both intrapersonal and interpersonal skills.
  •  Students must follow the rules and regulations of the school. If any found deviating, he/she will face the consequences.

Library Rules

  •  Students must maintain silence in the library.
  •  Students who borrow books should return books immediately.
  •  Students should handle books with care.

Lab Rules

  •  Students will have to work either individually or with partners or groups according to the experiment.
  •  Students should not be engaged in horseplay such as throwing objects, tickling, squirting water, etc.
  •  Students have to not break or damage any lab equipment; if any damage is done he/she will be charged.

Playground Rules

  •  Students are expected to obey directions given by all the supervisors while on the playground.
  •  Students are not allowed in any of the play areas without any supervisor to monitor.
  •  Students must play the designated games in the designated areas.
  •  When the bell rings all the students must immediately stop playing and walk to their classes in a queue.
  •  Students should not threaten the other students while playing.

Admission Enquiry

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