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Games and Sports keep every child mentally and physically fit. Sports keep one away from diseases relating to mental stress, heart, sleeplessness, and obesity. Sports make the player develop self-confidence, discipline, self-reliance, justice, and patriotism. They also provide refreshment and enjoyment.

Sports are being neglected in many schools and even parents do not encourage them. There are no proper training facilities and have a lack of funds in India. They say ‘Health is Wealth’, but many schools don’t add sports in their curriculum. Academics make the children just to nourish their knowledge or mind. But Games develop a healthy body, insists self – confidence.

Sports keeps the body active, alert, energetic, and youthful. Games increase the circulation of blood, burn calories, boost metabolism, and improve the respiration and digestive system. Games also instill in the players the spirit of self-reliance, self-confidence, discipline, justice, integrity, honesty, patriotism, loyalty and fair play.

Sports generate a feeling of sportsmanship and extend one’s attitude. Some schools neglect sports, some of the schools dedicate sports for only one hour a week. Some of the schools cannot afford funds for sports equipment and some even don’t have playgrounds. Pallavi Model School – Alwal, the Best Schools in Hyderabad, dedicates the equal importance to the academics and also sports. On behalf of our school, we made many students participate in competitions. We encourage students’ participation in sports whatever it may be either indoor or outdoor games. Pallavi Model School – Alwal has the instructors in every respective sport and also have a good playground and sports equipment. The parents should also encourage their children in participating sports and give equal importance to the studies. This makes them make their children mentally and physically strong and also maintain good health. The Education system should be reformed by giving equal importance to sports and games.

Sports bring rich rewards to sportsmen. Whether it is the matter of getting admission in institutions or getting jobs, sportsmen receive preference everywhere. Sports also bring fame and reputation.

The government has devised a New National Sports Policy. It encourages a liking for sports among the public at large. The policy aims at the development of infrastructure and providing better-coaching facilities.

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