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Books for a Good Read


1 GRADE 1 AESOP’S FABLES SHREE BOOKS Teaching fables is an engaging way to get understanding of a story with morals/Idioms.
2 BUBBLES, BRUNO AND PEPPER FABLES STERLING Meet Pepper and his friends- the sprightly lovable characters. Watch them resolve the little conflicts and add moral values to the society.
3 GRADE 2 CLEVER TALES- LEVEL-2 KHOWAI AND YOUNG Enchant readers and stimulate their imaginations, foundation for literacy conventions, promotes values and moral ethics.
4 FAIRY TALES- LEVEL-2 KHOWAI AND YOUNG Well known stories like Thumbelina, Elves and the shoemaker, Rapunzel explores the imagination and motivates a reader to be inquistive. Develops interest in reader.
5 GRADE 3 YOUNG LEARNERS LEVEL 3, 4 YOUNG LEARNERS PUBLICATIONS Famous books like Rumpelsteltskin, Jack and the beanstalk etc., creates imagination, creates affinity towards fictious characters
6 TALES FROM PANCHATANTRA PHALGUNI DAS GUPTA The books are rooted with Indian Culture.
7 JUNGLE BOOK RUDYARD KIPLING Love for Nature and family, cruelty towards animals and kindness to the society
8 GRADE 4 Collection of Walt Disney SHREE BOOKS Books like Tinker Bell, Lion King,  Life of fantasy, family, adventure and exploration
9 A BOND WITH THE MOUNTAIN RUSKIN BOND Love for Nature, cruelty towards animals and kindness to the society
10 MATILDA ROALD DAHL Experience written from the prespective of a young girl Matilda.
11 GRADE 5 CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY ROALD DAHL Love of Chocolate and world of admiration.
12 GULLIVER TRAVELS JONATHAN SWIFT Adventure of a seafarer


1 VI FRANK SERIES FRANK PUBLISHERS Classic English Literatures like Little women, Three Musketeers, Adventures of Tom sawyer, etc,. which are intended to promote habit of reading.
2 NANCY DREW/ FAMOUS FIVE CAROLYN KEEN/ ENID BLYTON It has collection of mystery, thrillers and detective stories that drives a student to get enthralled in reading.
3 DIARY OF YOUNG GIRL ANNE FRANK How a little girl grew up to be a young girl and life of a teenager and mystic happenings that could be corelated.
4 DIARY OF WIMPY KID JEFF KINNEY Boy named Greg Heffley gets a journal from his mom and records a middle school year’s worth of crazy kid schemes, brushes with bullies and more. This would also encourage students writing diaries apart from enjoying a jolly intrusion into diary of others.
5 VII LONGMAN CLASSIC SERIES LONGMAN PUBLISHERS A must read for every child. It has adventure, drama through fiction that makes the reader run through a series of thoughts and varied imagination.
6 SELECTED STORIES BY RUSKIN BOND RUSKIN BOND Graceful writing, slow paced life on a Hill station and a nature lover who writes more on reality and sometimes conveys ghostly fears through his writings that would keep the reader on toes to reach the climax.
7 SELECTED STORIES BY RUDYARD KIPLING RUDYARD KIPLING Innovative style and excellent narratives that helps the kid to improve their vocabulary and narration style.
8 VIII WINGS OF FIRE BY DR. APJ ABDUL KALAM ABDUL KALAM His writing leaves the youth on fire. Inspiring the young ones to achieve the set goal through persistance.
9 HARRY POTTER J.K ROWLING Virtually, the chlid feels him or herself to be harry potter and surely the series by J.K. Rowling leaves that mesmerizing effect over her readers.
10 IX ALL TIME CLASSICS BY SCHOLASTIC SCHOLASTIC BOOKS All time classic books like Frankenstein, Dracula of different genres like Thriller, Horrer and Science fiction.
11 THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA C.S.LEWIS Includes magical creatures and adventures
12 DA VINCI CODE DAN BROWN Students experience the world of codes, cyphers, art and history.
13 X A BRIEF HISTORY OF TIME STEPHEN HAWKING An inspirational story of a brilliant mind. In this brief biography, we look at Hawking’s education and career — ranging from his discoveries to the popular books he’s written — and the disease that robbed him of mobility and speech.
14 TO KILL A MOCKING BIRD HARPER LEE The novel is renowned for its warmth and humour, despite dealing with the serious issues of racial inequality.
15 XI I DO WHAT I DO RAGHURAM RAJAN The book is an epitome of economics that is relevant to all Indians.
16 NOT A PENNY MORE NOT A PENNY LESS JEFFERY ARCHER The author explains how a stock exchange works through four men who come from different areas
17 XII HITLER BIOGRAPHY Decision making skills and superior leadership quality and problem solving attitude helps the students to do well in life while learning from Hitler’s life experience.
18 ELON MUSK AUTOBIOGRAPHY Failure doesn’t call you down but perseverance and focus will lead you to success, while reading the entrepreneurship details of Elon Musk’s life.
19 ONE HUNDERED YEARS OF SOLITUDE GABRIEL GARCIA MARQUEZ The book presents different national myths through the story of the Buendía family, whose spirit of adventure places them amidst the important actions of Colombian historical events, such as the Liberal political reformation of a colonial way of life, and the 19th-century arguments for and against it.

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