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Discipline Rules

  • Students have to maintain discipline at all times in the school.
  • Whenever a student’s behavior is found unacceptable he/she will be issued a Discipline card which has to be signed by the parents and given to the coordinator of the respective block.
  • If the student repeats the same behavior, he/ she will be detained in the school which will be followed by the issuance of a red card called self-study time.
  • Students are not supposed to roam around in the corridors or go to the washroom (other than during recess) without the permission card.

These rules/standards are taken to bring in self-discipline among the students.

Students can earn their credits for their behavior in the classroom and also school premises and by keeping their classroom neat and tidy. Credits are issued in the form of a green card – appreciating the exceptional work done/ behavior exhibited by the student.

Green Card Appreciation
Red Card Suspension
Yellow Card Behaviour Warning
Blue Card Not in Proper Uniform & Not Completion of books

Rewards and Incentives

  • “Well behaved student”
  • “Star student”
  • “Classroom of the week”

Admission Enquiry

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