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S.NO Date Class
1 06/07/2019 XI
2 23/07/2019 V
3 25/07/2019 VII
4 27/07/2019 Pre-Primary to IV to VIII
5 02/8/2019 IX
6 03/08/2019 IX to XII
7 03/08/2019 VI to IV
8 30/08/2019 V to VII
9 31/08/2019 I & II

Timings – 8:00 A.M to 1:00 P.M.


  • ‣ There was a slight concern by some of the parents regarding the boundary wall of the school where they felt the school should ideally have a boundary wall for the safety and security of the children.
  • ‣ Some of the parents expressed their concern about the discontinuation of the hobbies where they felt hobbies were our USP’s.
  • ‣ Some parents were concerned about their child’s safety as there are insufficient attendees in the buses.

Overall the parents were happy with the services provided by the school.

Admission Enquiry

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