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The School creates a platform for children to learn and grow in a warm and challenging environment and have a cherishing experience. Pallavi Model School, Alwal, the Top School in Alwal, Hyderabad, creates an environment where children not only learn but also love to learn. Our curriculum for pre-primary classes has been designed to nurture the tiny tots and develop their innate creativity.

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The Programme goals are aimed at the following developmental domains.

Personal, Social, Emotional Development

This domain develops self-confidence and helps the students to learn how to interact with friends and adults. This domain also displays a positive disposition to learn, cooperate and to respect the environment.

Mathematical Development

This domain develops the use of appropriate mathematical language, critical thinking/problem solving and perception process which enables students to expand their understanding of numbers.

Creative Development

Creative Development flourishes the expression of children’s ideas and thoughts by using a wide range of suitable materials.

Language Development

This domain develops effective oral communication skills, understanding of book awareness, and speaking clearly in complete sentences. Language Development displays the ability to enjoy a wide range of songs, poems, rhymes, stories, and music.

Environmental Sciences Development

Environmental Sciences develops curiosity and interest in the world around them by listening, questioning, investigating, and seeking assistance to further information.

Physical development

Physical Development enroots a body balance while tackling equipment or obstacles, the ability to use small muscles in hands and eye and hand coordination with making them understand the importance of some basic safety rules.

Knowledge and understanding of the world around them

Under the supervision of experienced and dedicated teachers, Pallavi Model School, Alwal helps your child to understand and explore his/her environment and the physical world. We also try to inculcate them the basic technique of exploring, idea development, questioning and concluding their learning.

Cognitive Development

Pallavi Model School – Alwal has designed the curriculum for pre-primary classes by introducing the mathematical concepts in a very simple and tangible manner that makes in concentrating on one attribute at a time and progressing gradually. This domain is properly planned for the development of problem-solving skills through activities, observation, analysis, and discussions.

Language arts and phonics

Language development is the main and integral part of our curriculum. Phonics is used to teach English in a structured manner. The main objective of this domain is to develop the children to have a habit of reading and speaking.

Dedicated Pre Primary Space 

Pallavi Model School – Alwal, have a space dedicated for the pre-primary section, a comfortable place for self-learning through creative books under the supervision of well-experienced teachers.

Physical and personal development

Physical and personal development is given paramount importance at Pallavi Model School – Alwal, as it is one of the most important aspects of the overall development of every child. This domain fosters the development of balance, stamina, gross motor skills, rhythm, concentration, agility, and strength through a variety of indoor and outdoor games.

Small class size & Individual Attention

For maintaining and developing every child’s attention, we maintain a good student-teacher ratio in every section.

Thematic learning through Field trips

A very important aspect of the curriculum, We, Pallavi Model School – Alwal, the top school in Alwal, provides an opportunity for our children to experience real-life situations by taking them for visits to the post offices, fire stations, aquariums, etc. thus enriching the learning experience.

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