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Student Life

Pallavi Model School - Alwal Gallery

March 2024
Pre Primary PTSM Click Here
First Day of School-Pre Primary Click Here
15/03/2024 Grade V Science Activity Click Here
16/03/2024 Grade V Social Activity Click Here
15/03/2024 Grade V Maths Activity Click Here
16/03/2024 Grade V Hindi Activity Click Here
18/03/2024 Grade V English Activity Click Here
19/03/2024 Grade 7 Social Science Activity Click Here
19/03/2024 Grade 7 Telugu Activity Click Here
16/03/2024 Grade 7 Science Activity – Our Scientists Click Here
16/03/2024 Grade 7 Maths Activity Click Here
16/03/2024 Grade 7 Hindi Activity Click Here
16/03/2024 Grade 7 English Activity Click Here
19/03/2024 Grade 3 Math Activity – Tables Puzzle Game Click Here
19/03/2024 Grade V Assembly Click Here
18/03/2024 Grade 3 EVS- Learn from Nature Click Here
18/03/2024 Grade 2 Hindi Activity Click Here
18/03/2024 Grade 2 EVS Activity Click Here
11/03/2024 First Day of School-Grade 2 Click Here
18/03/2024 Grade 2 – English Activity – Vowels, consonants and develop vocabulary Click Here
16/03/2024 Grade: 7 Science- Knowing about Plants Click Here
19/03/2024 Grade 3 English -Verbs Click Here
February 2024
10/02/2024 Pre-Primary GraduationDay & Annual Day Click Here
January 2024
02/01/2024 Grade -2 – Shapes Click Here
04/01/2024 Grade-12 – Farewell Party Click Here
08/01/2024 Gr- 3 New Beginnings Click Here
11/01/2024 Pre- Primary -Sankranti Celebrations Click Here
08/01/2024 Pre- Primary- National Bird day Click Here
December 2023
01/12/2023 Assembly on World Computer Literacy Day Click Here
01/12/2023 Board Decorated Theme Life Style Click Here
01/12/2023 Educational Trip Click Here
02/12/2023 Grandparents Day Click Here
09/12/2023 Indian Navy Day Click Here
14/12/2023 Show and Tell Click Here
15/12/2023 Brown Colour Day Click Here
16/12/2023 Field Trip to Post office & Police station Click Here
19/12/2023 Mom and Child Dance Competition Click Here
18/12/2023 Colours of India Click Here
23/12/2023 Christmas Celebration Click Here
27/12/20023 Grade – 5 Mock elections Click Here
29/12/2023 Grade 4 – Bagless Day mp3 Click Here
November 2023
02/11/2023 Magnetic effects of electric current Click Here
02/11/2023 Importance of water Click Here
22/11/2023 Career Counselling Click Here
21/11/2023 Kindness Day Click Here
20/11/2023 The United Nations Click Here
14/11/2023 Pre primary Children’s Day Click Here
10/11/2023 Pre primary Diwali Celebrations Click Here
09/11/2023 Diwali Competition Click Here
October 2023
29/09/2023 World Smile Day Click Here
09/10/2023 Swachta Campaign Click Here
06/10/2023 Save Nature Click Here
06/10/2023 Gandhi Jayanthi Click Here
05/10/2023 Hand Wash Day Click Here
05/10/2023 Vegetarian Day Click Here
September 2023
29/09/2023 Teachers Day Click Here
26/09/2023 PTM Click Here
21/09/2023 Krishnastami Click Here
19/09/2023 First Aid Click Here
16/8/2023 World Coconut Day Click Here
06/09/2023 Krishnastami Click Here
04/09/2023 Ganesh Chaturthi Click Here
02/09/2023 Ozone Day Click Here
August 2023
16/8/2023 Kargil Vijay Diwas Click Here
23/8/2023 Climate Change Click Here
25/8/2023 Tiger Day Celebration Click Here
24/08/2023 Morphology Activity Click Here
23/08/2023 Model Making Click Here
16/08/2023 Tiger Day Celebration Click Here
15/08/2023 Conserve To Preserve Click Here
14/08/2023 Beauty With Brains Click Here
14/08/2023 Grow Green to Save Blue Click Here
09/08/2023 Shapes Click Here
07/08/2023 Mask Making Activity Click Here
07/08/2023 Friendship Day Click Here
06/08/2023 My Home Activity Click Here
05/08/2023 Friendship Day – Pre Primary Click Here
05/08/2023 Science Click Here
05/08/2023 Social Science Click Here
05/08/2023 Friendship Day Click Here
05/08/2023 Pre Independence Day Click Here
04/08/2023 Independence Day Click Here
04/08/2023 Haritha Haram Click Here
04/08/2023 Pre Independence Day of Gr 1 Click Here
02/08/2023 Climate Change Click Here
02/08/2023 Quit India Movement Click Here
02/08/2023 Session With Principal Gr 8 Click Here
01/08/2023 SWIMMING COMPETITION Click Here
01/08/2023 U18 Election Click Here
01/08/2023 Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations Click Here
02/08/2023 Quit India Movement Click Here
29/06/2023 Budha ki Karuna Click Here
29/06/2023 Movements of the Earth Click Here
20/06/2023 SCHOOL IN NEWS Click Here
20/06/2023 NCC CAMP Click Here
20/06/2023 Science Click Here
20/06/2023 Refugee day by Grade 8 Click Here
19/06/2023 Hindi Activity Grade 5 Click Here
19/06/2023 Social studies activity Grade 5 Click Here
17/06/2023 Founders day celebreation and investiture ceremony Click Here
16/06/2023 Flip class activity by gr 12 Click Here
15/06/2023 Grade 7 qand ans game Click Here
15/06/2023 Grade 12 special assembly on child labour Click Here
12/06/2023 Pre Primary Click Here
12/06/2023 Grade 6 ice breaking activity Click Here
02/06/2023 Student achievement Click Here
21/04/2023 Ramzan Celebration Click Here
21/04/2023 Pool Party Click Here
18/04/2023 ROMAN NUMERALS Click Here
17/04/2023 MANUSCRIPT ACTIVITY Click Here
15/04/2023 Field Trip Click Here
13/04/2023 Big & Small Click Here
12/04/2023 Sense Organs Click Here
12/04/2023 Pets Day Click Here
12/04/2023 Oral Health-Pre Primary Click Here
10/04/2023 ZIG ZIG ACTIVITY Click Here
10/04/2023 GR 2 ACTIVITY Click Here
10/04/2023 ORAL HEALTH Click Here
10/04/2023 BEST OUT OF WASTE Click Here
07/04/2023 MATH ACTIVITY Click Here
07/04/2023 SCIENCE ACTIVITY Click Here
07/04/2023 SOCIAL Click Here
06/04/2023 Picnic Click Here
06/04/2023 EASTER CELEBRATION Click Here
06/04/2023 AUTISM DAY Click Here
04/04/2023 CLASS ACTIVITY – MILLETS Click Here
03/04/2023 HEALTH IS WEALTH Click Here
29/3/2023 RAM NAVAMI Click Here
29/3/2023 CIRCLE ACTIVITY Click Here
28/03/2023 E-content contest at NCERT Delhi Click Here
24/03/2023 Special assembly – character and success Click Here
24/03/2023 STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT Click Here
21/03/2023 PENCIL MAKING ACTIVITY Click Here
20/03/2023 UGADI CELEBRATION Click Here
20/03/2023 TAEKWONDO Click Here
20/03/2023 GRAND QUEEN’S LEADERSHIP AWARD 2023 Click Here
17/03/2023 SAVE TREES Click Here
17/03/2023 Special assembly – character, and success Click Here
16/03/2023 SCIENCE ACTIVITY Click Here
25-02-2023 Orientation programs(grade X and XII) Click Here
13-02-2023 Fancy Dress Competition Click Here
10-02-2023 Time Table Click Here
10-02-2023 Grand Parents Day Click Here
04-02-2023 Hobby Darshan Click Here
04-02-2023 Pre-Primary Graduation Day Click Here
02-02-2023 Gratitude towards Teachers, Grade 8 Click Here
11-01-2023 Pre-primary
Concept of Addition- Maths Activity
Click Here
11-01-2023 PrePrimary
Story Telling
Click Here
11-01-2023 Art Integration on Govt. Tools Click Here
11-01-2023 Youth day Click Here
11-01-2023 Grade 7-Assembly Click Here
11-01-2023 Vasudhaiva Kutumbam Click Here
11-01-2023 Silver Oaks Competition Click Here
11-01-2023 Global Family Day Click Here
11-01-2023 Brain Feed Click Here
09-01-2023 Grade 6 Magnets Activity Click Here
09-01-2023 Importance of our Helpers Click Here
09-01-2023 Pre-Primary
English Action Words activity
Click Here
06-01-2023 Grade-8 Science Activity Click Here
06-01-2023 Exam anxiety workshop Click Here
06-01-2023 Impact of Social Media Click Here
03-01-2023 Assembly-Global Family day Click Here
10-10-2022 Stop bullying assembly by Grade 3 Click Here
13-12-2022 Joy of Giving Week Click Here
13-12-2022 NCC Rising Day Click Here
10-12-2022 Experiential and activity based Learning Click Here
07-12-2022 Mathematics Activity Click Here
07-12-2022 6th Annual Sport Day Click Here
07-12-2022 Grade-6 World Soil Day Click Here
01-12-2022 STETHOSCOPE ACTIVITY Click Here
29-11-2022 Grade-II Compound words activity Click Here
25-11-2022 Cyclist Interaction Click Here
25-11-2022 Constitution Day Click Here
25-11-2022 NCC Day Click Here
24-11-2022 1st Ranga Reddy District Taekwondo Championship Click Here
24-11-2022 Different Phases of the Moon Click Here
21-11-2022 MATHS ACTIVITY GRADE II Click Here
19-11-2022 Special assembly on World Toilet day Click Here
Nazism and The rise of Hitler Click Here
18-11-2022 Poverty as a challenge Click Here
16-11-2022 Beads Activity – Preprimary Click Here
15-11-2022 Garde II Childrens day Click Here
15-11-2022 Priprimary Childrens day celebrations Click Here
14-11-2022 Grade 2 Solo Dance Compitation Click Here
14-11-2022 Childrens day celebration Click Here
08-11-2022 Guru Nanak Jayanthi Click Here
04-11-2022 The Alethia Summit 2022 Click Here
04-11-2022 Village Avareness Week Click Here
03-11-2022 Buoyancy-Floating bodies Click Here
03-11-2022 Halloween Celebrations Click Here
02-11-2022 Students Achievements Click Here
31-10-2022 Rashtriya Ektha Divas Click Here
Story Telling Workshop Click Here
28-10-2022 Pre-Primary Diwali Mela Click Here
28-10-2022 Water Management Awareness Click Here
28-10-2022 GRADE-7-SCIENCE-SUNDIAL Click Here
27-10-2022 GRADE-VI-SST – Role Play of a Sarpanch. Click Here
27-10-2022 Grade-VI-SST-Civics Ls. Panchayati Raj Click Here
24-10-2022 Scrabble Click Here
21-10-2022 Interpoll week Click Here
Taekwondo Click Here
English Recitation Compitation Click Here
18-10-2022 Yellow colour day celebration Click Here
17-10-2022 World Student day Click Here
15-10-2022 Hand washing day Click Here
15-10-2022 NCC Training Click Here
15-10-2022 Reading Newspaper Click Here
15-10-2022 School in news Click Here
15-10-2022 Scrabble training Click Here
10-10-2022 Stop bullying assembly by Grade 3 Click Here
30-09-2022 Tr Appreciation Click Here
29-09-2022 PTM Click Here
28-09-2022 Story Telling Workshop Click Here
23-09-2022 Dussehra Celebrations Click Here
17-09-2022 Teacher facilitation on the occasion of HINDI DIVAS Click Here
16-09-2022 NCC ENROLLMENT Click Here
15-09-2022 Painting Compitation Click Here
12-09-2022 Rally on Nutrition Click Here
10-09-2022 Eco Friendly Visarjan Click Here
07-09-2022 Student Teacher Award Click Here
06-09-2022 Blue Day Click Here
06-09-2022 Drugs Campaign Click Here
05-09-2022 Teachers day Click Here
03-09-2022 Class-IX-Hindi-Geet ageet Click Here
03-09-2022 Map activity on Russian Revolution Click Here
03-09-2022 posted-Elements and Compound Click Here
03-09-2022 Grade-2 Ganesh Chaturthi Click Here
30-08-2022 Grade 2 LED Conference Click Here
30-08-2022 Ganesh Chaturthi Click Here
29-08-2022 Teacher-Led-Conference Click Here
27-08-2022 Off the Cuff Click Here
26-08-2022 Germination of Seeds Click Here
26-08-2022 Freshers day Click Here
25-08-2022 Grade III – Stars of the Month Click Here
22-08-2022 Janmashtami Click Here
22-08-2022 Investiture Ceremony Click Here
15-08-2022 Independence Day Click Here
15-08-2022 Grade 5,6 Independence Day Click Here
11-08-2022 Pre-Independence Day Celebration Click Here
10-08-2022 Rakhi Click Here
08-08-2022 Friendship Day Click Here
02-08-2022 Grade-8:ENGLISH-Activity-How-to-pronounce-correctly Click Here
02-08-2022 Grade-8:Hindi-Activity-Katha Nirman Click Here
02-08-2022 Grade-8-Social-activity-Topic-Land,soil,water-sub topic-Natural-vegetation Click Here
01-08-2022 Nutritious Click Here
29-07-2022 grade-8:Music class-“Gujarne wale hawa bata”🎶🎵 beautiful singing by Ms.Sojanya Click Here
29-07-2022 Grade8:Telugu Activity -Asamanyulu Click Here
27-07-2022 Grade 8:Soil profile-fun learning Click Here
27-07-2022 Grade8:Telugu Activity -Asamanyulu Click Here
25-07-2022 Bonalu Click Here
23-07-2022 grade8:squares and square roots subject enrichment game based learning Click Here
16-07-2022 Grade 8: Science activity Click Here
16-07-2022 Grade-8: English activity Grammar- Active and Passive Voice Click Here
16-07-2022 Grade-8:Math Activity -Trick for finding square root Click Here
16-07-2022 Grade-8: save tree-silent expression-Vaishnavi Thota Click Here
14-07-2022 Grade-7: ENG: Comic Strip Click Here
14-07-2022 Human right life lesson#Grade-IX Click Here
14-07-2022 Grade-8: Musical instrument making Click Here
13-07-2022 Grade-8: Life Lesson: RELATIONSHIP AND HUMAN VALUES Click Here
13-07-2022 Group activity on strokes by LKG kids. Click Here
13-07-2022 Life lesson class(Grade-4)”Nutrition and self care” Click Here
12-07-2022 Grade-7: Decimal places Click Here
11-07-2022 Chemistry-Define and list properties of saturated solution Click Here
11-07-2022 Posted – Grade-7: Digestion in Amoeba Click Here
11-07-2022 World population Day-Grade-X Click Here
17-07-2022 Model making and demonstration-BIOLOGY(RESPIRATION) Click Here
09-07-2022 Posted-Chemistry-Presence of acid or base in the given solution Click Here
09-07-2022 Yatra vritant Click Here
08-07-2022 Apical meristem causes growth in length Click Here
08-07-2022 Grade-7: Geography: Inside our earth Click Here
08-07-2022 Grade-8:Importance of cleanliness Click Here
08-07-2022 Grade-8:Life session Click Here
01-07-2022 Doctor’s day Click Here
01-07-2022 Say no to plastic Click Here
28-06-2022 Life Skills Click Here
11-04-2022 Grade 1 to 4 conducted assembly on RAMNAVAMI Click Here
07-04-2022 Red colour day celebration by tiny tots Click Here
07-04-2022 Blooming buds enjoying the Nutritious food on the occasion of World Health Day Click Here
07-04-2022 World health day with Nutritious food Click Here
29-03-2022 ‘prefect’ means, a leader or a monitor. The Student Prefect Council is a governing body of elected students who get a chance to work closely with the management of the school. This year geckos got an opportunity to experience the Student Prefect Council election procedures Click Here
25-03-2022 Interactive session Mother and Child Brain Storming by Mr. Darpan Vasudev for Pre Primary mothers. Click Here
25-03-2022 Mother and child dancing and enjoying the moment in today’s session Click Here
25-03-2022 Glimpses of today’s session by Mr. Darpan Vasudev Click Here
19-03-2022 Holi celebrations by Pre Primary wing…they made water gun and water balloons as their take away for the festival today. They all had a great time in making their group activity with balloon dabbing on the picture of a tree. Click Here
19-03-2022 Blooming buds with Selfie corner and party props which were especially made for the Holi celebration. Click Here
19-03-2022 Beautiful dance performances by tiny tots on the occasion of Holi. Click Here
19-03-2022 Good job Mishika you explained so well how and when Holi Festival is celebrated…keep it up Click Here
19-03-2022 Online Holi celebration by Tony tots. They made their alphabets to write Holi on their T shirt and even made a bucket of colour papers and did finger tip printing on it for the special day. Click Here
10-03-2022 Women’s Day online celebration by Pre Primary wing. Click Here
10-03-2022 Pre primary showcased the importance of different roles played by a woman on the occasion of Women’s day Click Here
10-03-2022 First day of kindergartners…they made Rabbit head gear as first day take away of the day Click Here
9th Telangana State Sub Junior Inter District Fist Ball Championship-2022 for Girls & Boys conducted by Telangana Fist Ball Association.
Held at Pallavi Model School,Alwal on 5th & 6th of March
Chief Guest : Shri. Padam Raj Parakh
Guest of Honour : Sri M.Komaraiah & Sri Simi Nagi
17-02-2022 Pre primary kids writing their Term II Reflective Practices Click Here
Sanskrit art integration
ईमानदारी {सत्यनिष्ठा }
विशिष्ट उद्देश्य – ◼ विद्यार्थियों ने सीखा की सच्चाई का साथ न छोड़ना, मर्यादाओं का पालन करना अपने मूल्यों के साथ बने रहना ईमानदारी है। ईमानदारी से चरित्र शुद्ध रहता है।
Learning activity:
Demonstration of pressure using sensor.
Learning outcomes: Students understand application of pressure in daily life.
Grade 8
Social activity
Lesson: Why do we need a Parliament
Students understood the topic why do we need a Parliament and what is the role of people in Democratic Country and expressed through video
Grade 8
Social Art integration activity
Lesson: Industries
Learning outcomes: students understood the concept of cottage industries and prepared model and presented through video
Project name: cubical lamp
L. O: children can understand the properties of a cube
26-01-2022 We invite you all to 2nd Virtual Annual Day of Pre Primary wing on 29th January Saturday from 10 am onwards. Let’s Re-live our memories of folk to fairy tales with our blooming buds. Click Here
26-01-2022 4 days to go for Pre Primary Annual Day Click Here
25-01-2022 Santoshi from grade 4 speaking on the occasion of National girl child day Click Here
25-01-2022 Prakruthi from grade 4 Reciting Poem Click Here
25-01-2022 Deethya from Grade-3,Explaining about Fractions Click Here
25-01-2022 Khyaati from Grade-3 Click Here
25-01-2022 Message through paint and brush…Guru Sri…grade 8 Click Here
25-01-2022 “Message for a daughter”… Anjali and her Mother…grade 8 Click Here
20-01-2022 Bengali dance by DeVESHI grade 2 Click Here
11-01-2022 Anirudh Krishna from class 3 for Raag Manjari competition Click Here
11-01-2022 Energetic Bhangra dance performance by Grade 9 students on the occasion of Lohri. Children showcased how a new born child is welcomed in their family. Click Here
11-01-2022 Dev from LKG showing how he love to fly kite in Makar Sankranti Click Here
11-01-2022 Sreenika from UKG dressed up as Sodi Amma on the occasion of Sankranti Click Here
11-01-2022 Grade 1 Marigold Hemanandan Reddy doing Role-play of HARIDASU on the occasion of SANKRANTHI Click Here
11-01-2022 Pre Primary kids made beautiful Kites as their take away on the occasion of Sankranthi Click Here
11-01-2022 Pre primary kids dressed up as Haridasu to celebrate the Sankranthi Festival Click Here
Grade 6
Historicity of NAVARATNAS ( NINE GEMS) of Raja Vikramaditya: Kalidasa to Vetala Bhatta.
Vikramaditya was known for his interest in art and culture and NINE GEMS or Navratnas garnished his court.
03-01-2022 Making of New Year Greeting card by LKG students Click Here
03-01-2022 Making of New Year Greeting card by UKG students Click Here
29-02-2020 Kathalaya Click Here
22-02-2020 Green India Challenge Click Here
11-02-2020 Pre primary kids went on a field trip to Nehru Zoological Park Click Here
05-02-2020 Fire Camp Click Here
05-02-2020 Farewell IX 2020 Click Here
05-02-2020 Farewell XII 2020 Click Here
22-01-2020 NIIT Math-e-Magician Click Here
13-01-2020 Sankranthi Sambaralu Click Here
13-01-2020 Sneha Priya- 2nd position in skating competition under age 9 Click Here
10-01-2020 Bhogi celebrations with pre primary children Click Here
22-12-2019 Silver Jubilee Celebrations Click Here
03-12-2019 Rangutsav- Bethar Vatavaran Click Here
03-12-2019 Rangutsav- Swatch Pariyavaran Click Here
02-12-2019 Rangutsav- Swatch Anurag Click Here

S.No Date Event Link
14 29-02-2020 Kathalaya Click Here
13 22-02-2020 Green India Challenge Click Here
12 11-02-2020 Pre primary kids went on a field trip to Nehru Zoological Park Click Here
11 5-02-2020 Fire Camp Click Here
10 5-02-2020 Farewell IX 2020 Click Here
9 5-02-2020 Farewell XII 2020 Click Here
8 22-01-2020 NIIT Math-e-Magician Click Here
7 13-01-2020 Sankranthi Sambaralu Click Here
6 13-01-2020 Sneha Priya- 2nd position in skating competition under age 9 Click Here
5 10-01-2020 Bhogi celebrations with pre primary children Click Here
4 22-12-2019 Silver Jubilee Celebrations Click Here
3 3-12-2019 Rangutsav- Bethar Vatavaran Click Here
2 3-12-2019   Rangutsav- Swatch Pariyavaran Click Here
1 2-12-2019 Rangutsav- Swatch Anurag Click Here


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With Honourable education minister, invited her for our alumni meet Click Here
Ujwal got 2nd runner up award at Junior model international in the category of 7 to 9 Click Here
Teachers workshop Click Here
Dussehra Celebrations in the Campus Click Here
First Price to Yashasvi in Pencil Sketching Click Here
Hyderabad Cycling Group Workshop Click Here
Interschool sports competition Click Here
Second Price to Sneashish in Sketching Click Here
Special Price to Pratigya in Spot Painting Click Here
Special Price to Pratigya in Spot Painting Click Here
Third Price to Muskan in Sketching Click Here
Bonalu Festival Celebrations in the Campus Click Here
Face Painting and Fashion Show Click Here
Addition facts activity by Class 1 Click Here
Assembly by Class 1 Lotus Click Here
Class 4 Activity on Multiplication Click Here
English Department Click Here
Map Activity -Geography and History for class 8 students Click Here
Maths activity for class 11 students Click Here
Science department Click Here
Social science department Click Here
Class VIII Physics Activity – Real & Virtual Images Click Here
Cubes and cube roots maze activity for class 8 students Click Here
English Book review competition. Click Here
Envelope activity on letter writing by class 5 students. Click Here
Hindi book review competition class V to VII. Click Here
Leadership is not a position or title, it is action and example. Click Here
Telugu project ‘Sea journey’ Click Here
Telugu activity by the students of class 5 Click Here
Nail Your Fears English Activity. for Class 6 B and C. Click Here
Class 4 Science Activity on Matter and Materials Click Here
LifeSkills on Fire Safety by Class 8 students Click Here
Science Activity of Plant Fabrics for 6th class students Click Here
DEAR Time Click Here
Activities for class 5 students Click Here
Assembly Conducted by Class 9 Students Click Here
Public Speaking activities for Class 7 students. Click Here
Pallavi schools founders day celebrations. Click Here
Meeting with Coordinators and work by the art team Click Here
Class 5 social activity: Students representing famous personalities. Click Here
Assembly Conducted by Class X Click Here
Math Lab Activity Workshop Click Here
English and Hindi Activity Workshop Click Here
Workshop for teachers on Life Skills by Mrs. Kalamohan Click Here
Class 10 students debating on the topic if zoos Click Here
Singular and plural nouns activity done by class V students Click Here
English activity common & proper nouns class rose, lotus, tulip, marigold Click Here
Building blocks of rational numbers( mean method) by class VIII students Click Here
Pool Party for Pre-Primary students Click Here
Poster making activity for Class-I students Click Here
Nature walk and observing types of plants by class-I Click Here
Place value and face value activity for class 2 students Click Here
Poster making activity for class 2 students Click Here
Temporary slide preparation (onion peel cells) by class 9 A,B,C ,D students Click Here
Poster making competition for Class IX & X students Click Here
Baisakhi celebrations in the campus Click Here
Chota Bheem event Click Here
Aao Khel Khel main sikhe Muhaware ka Sahi Prayog Click Here
History activity, done by 8A students regarding Trade to a territory Click Here
Class.V students Math Activity on Roman numerals with Matchsticks Click Here
Recall concept test on integers using flashcards for (class-7A) students Click Here
Science Activity for Class 6 Click Here
Best Out Waste Competition, from Class-I to X Click Here
Ugadi celebrations Click Here
Parts of speech activity for Class 6 students Click Here
Demonstration of products obtained from plants activity done for class 2 students Click Here
Countable and uncountable nouns English activity for class 5 students to improve their grammar Click Here
Chairman sir addressing the CII school excellence conclave Click Here
Sports day Click Here
Pre Primary Market Fest Click Here
Founders Day & Investiture Ceremony Click Here
Ramzan Celebrations Click Here
Students at Nehru Zoological Park Click Here
Book Donation to IDF Click Here
Pallavi Khel Utsav at Loyola college grounds Alwal Click Here
Independence Day Celebrations Click Here

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